May 15, 2004

Time for a Heineken?

Have you ever seen that Heineken commercial where the men have dug a trench in the road to fix the water pipe and a van pulls up fom the phone company and the driver makes the unlikely statement " here, while you've got that hole open we could put our wires in and by not digging up the road again we could save the public a lot of inconvenience!"

It was just a trench to put in the power line in taking down the overhead which would have been in the way of the new building. While the trench was open though it seemed a good idea to add a phone line extension to the shack and some Ethernet cabling then also a drain pipe.

But it didn't end there, by coincidence a man from the phone company turned up to replace some rotten telegraph poles and (for the price of a drink) said I could bury the wire to the pole and he would connect it for me (thus removing the only overhead wire in the yard). This meant that the trench set off in the opposite direction too and I added a water main and another power cable.

Thus half a days work became four and it's all buried so there's now nothing to see.

Shack has come on a bit, and has 248V ac (!) connected now.


Posted by Tim at May 15, 2004 08:27 PM

Well compare to picture of 5May what a difference!! now just to put all in the shack but a good painting before it!
For Heineken, i know the system with sympathic guys!
Continue Esporadic is comming slowly to west !

Posted by: Damien at May 16, 2004 08:01 PM