June 04, 2004

Who needs Es, 144MHz tropo to EA8 2800km

Sorry abt not blogging, I had a virus on this PC which took huge amounts of time to resolve, thanks Dave G7RAU for all your time on this.

Unfortunately it beat us and a full XP re-load was necessary.

On the 2nd June there was great tropo which came as a big surprise as there had been no trace of the normally reliable EA1VHF beacon...(it later transpired that it had lost power and was QRT!).

I had tried a couple of QSO's to the north of Spain at lunchtime via sked and these showed there was no tropo at 13:00UTC but later on 22:00 the tropo opened up.

At 22:28 EA8BPX was 53 here for a QSO and I heard EA8BVU briefly but didn't complete.

Various stations via ON4KST chat and EA1 QSP'd to Alex (RW1ZC/MM) and we tried a CW sked, Alex heard pings from me so we tried FSK but no QSO to IM21.

On 3rd June ( my birthday) there is often an Es opening but the Sun has been too active recently. Yesterday's tropo appeared to have closed so I set about tidying all the cables and organising the shack better, when I finally switched back on at 16:27 I made a quick call to see if the radio was all connected again ok and EA8TJ replied 59/59 2600km!

The log then looks like:

16:28 EA1TA IN53si 59+20dB
16:32 EA8BPX IL18 2600km
16:32 CT1ANO
16:34 EB1EHO
16:37 CT1DYX Pedro set up another cw sked for me with Alex who was now in IM23.....
16:54 RW1ZC/MM 529 549 IM23wb Alex, 2032km Excellent!!!!!!

Then random a while later as signals continued to improve....

17:16 RW1ZM/MM 55 57 IM23wb Vasili 2032km

So just as signals were getting really good I had to go out and put in fence posts for the local horse gymkahna with my tractor which was a pleasant evening but I do wonder if I missed CT3HF who was spotted on the cluster later.

By the time I got back the duct had closed to beyond EA1. Stations in IN53 were still 59++ as was the beacon which is back on now albeit with T6 tone.

Must try to blog on the same day in future!!


Posted by Tim at June 4, 2004 12:13 PM

Nice to see that the move went well Tim and that you are QRV once again. The G4LOH station looks good and it would seem to be doing a sterling job so far. Have a good season on 2m!

All the very best from Shipley, West Yorkshire.


Rick Leach M1RAL

Posted by: Rick Leach at June 7, 2004 07:11 PM