June 18, 2004

First FAI QSO's

Es had been very strong on 6m but didn't get to 2m, I think the MUF reached about 100MHz.

Dave G7RAU had made a few calls and worked some Balkan stations, it was FAI but seemed to weak for me but I tried a QSO with Peter HA5OV (after finding him on KST chat) and WOW what great signals! my first real FAI qso.

I had struggled to believe that the QTF should be that far off from the direct heading...(like I remember hearing my first Aurora 20 years ago and turned the beam direct, immediately losing the signal!) but there was no doubt that QTF 70degrees was correct.

19:13 HA5OV 539 559 JN97nj QTF 070 1806km FAI

I called CQ on 144315 and was then called by S53J

19:37 S53J 529/539 JN75ev QTF 080 1529km FAI

A good day.

Posted by Tim at June 18, 2004 04:17 PM