June 23, 2004

Es back at last -two new DXCC

After a terrible Es seaon so far the sporadic finally returned to 2m here. A brief opening then a long wait and I nearly gave up waiting, glad I didn't:

12:05 9H1CG 59 59 JM75FW tnx! new DXCC

At 13:50 for about 10 mins IH9GPI was in/out the noise but no contact with JM56, pity.

Then whilst on WWC with G7RAU he said "you are in the right place now for Es to Italy any minute" ........ and within 30seconds: (thanks Dave!)

15:05 IC8CQF
15:05 IZ0CBD
15:08 HV0A !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 59+40dB WOW!!!!!!
15:10 I8MPO
15:10 IK8BIZ
15:11 IK0BZY Enrico

Two new countries Malta and Vatican City....and I haven't even worked Holland or Belgium yet!

Posted by Tim at June 23, 2004 05:06 PM

Hi Tim
Congrats for nice openning & our MS contact.
Vy nice pages!

73 de Matej, OK1TEH

Posted by: Matej, OK1TEH at June 23, 2004 09:15 PM