June 24, 2004

New format...oops, More Es though!

Hope you like the new format because I didn't save the old one then got into all sorts of bother trying to fix it, so there we are.

Nice Es again, two new DXCC again and still no PA/ON heard here, again.

0855 IK7HIN 59 59 JN81kc
0914 IW0GPN 59 59 JN62fb
1027 7X0AD 59 59 JM16jr new DXCC
1226 IS0CAK 59 59 JM49mb new DXCC
1229 IS0GQX 59 59 JM49oh

Thought it was over but then someone broke into my local qso....

1251 9H1TX 59 59 JM75fu
1253 IT9JLG 59 59 JM68ga

1302 IW9D...... JM67js sri lost in the noise

So we need a few more days like this to make up for the rubbish season so far....but I wouldn't mind a day off tomorrow.

Spare a thought for Udo DK5YA tonight, he will we formatting 100's of mails and thousands of 2m Es contacts tonight after such a widespread, prologned opening.

Didn't see any reports of double-hop which was surprising really.


Posted by Tim at June 24, 2004 04:31 PM