June 26, 2004

EA8 via es

I missed the start of the opening having woken up with a bad cold. I checked the cluster in the house and saw North West F already having Es into EA8. The weather is awful with heavy rain and 100m visibility so not normal conditions for good radio but this is Es.

Initially signals not so strong but then all QRB's were 2600km...

0933 EA8BWY 55 55 IL18uk
0953 EA8BWD 59 51 IL18uk

1000-1015 EA8/DL6FAW 59 59 IL18bs Nice chat with Bert running 100W into a 9ele, parked in his car 1080m up a mountain. Signals varied between 57 and 59+20db for about 30 minutes from him.

1021 EA8TJ 55 59 IL18ri
1024 EB8AHT 55 55 IL18sl

ALL in IL18 but can't complain, nor about the fact that CT3HF was on but not heard up here.

There was some discussion on KST that this maybe tropo and Bert was so strong for so long that I wonderered...but the signal arrival into UK was certainly Es else someone else would have heard them and the weather between here and Spain is particularly unfavorable for tropo at this time, also the beacon in EA1 was not heard here this morning.

Maybe there was tropo at the EA8 end to help keep EA8 signals in the Es, with fine WX there, Bert said it was 32 degrees....and thats 1000m asl high!

Posted by Tim at June 26, 2004 12:22 PM