July 02, 2004

More tropo to EA8 and More Es too..

Should have blogged for 29th June as we had great tropo to EA8 which just seemed to reach the coast of Cornwall and not get any further although Avelino, EA8BPX was just about heard in GW and worked in IO90 I believe.

Here in Cornwall Avelino was 59+20dB for long periods and also worked were EA8TJ IL18ri, EB8BNS IL08xs (not much land in IL08!!), EB8AHT IL18sl, EA8BVU IL18sl. Very fine tropo 2600km, between the hours of 18:00 and 22:00 UTC when I closed down. During the evening I busiliy e-mailed other DX stations in that direction but no-one else was heard other than EA1 stations and CT1DYX IN51qd on a difficult path!. Maybe the Portuguese wern't sure about talking to G stations after that referee-assisted victory?

I should mention G0KZG/MM who came on from IN69xv for a new square and we had an enjoyable 3-way QSO between EA8BPX Avelino, Andy G0KZG/MM and myself. A new square for Avelino....2600km from Tenerife to a boat off the coast of Cornwall! ufb!.

Now about today...Es!

Very nice Es from here to 9H/IT9/I between 13:20 and 14:10, usual suspects the other end but always great to here Lucio I8MPO, Pierluigi I6WJB, Enrico I5WBE.

Best dx was the first QSO of the day:

13:19 9H1ET 55/57 JM75gu 2245km

Will update later if there is FAI from this cloud...

Posted by Tim at July 2, 2004 04:52 PM

>Maybe the Portuguese wern't sure about talking
>to G stations after that referee-assisted

Oh la la... ;-)))

Cu Dave!
73 Udo, DK5YA

Posted by: Udo, DK5YA at July 2, 2004 11:35 PM