February 15, 2005

The 156MHz Blog...

Moved up in frequency due to nil activity on 144MHz just for the day. I tried to hear the R/T from B+Q as Ellen Macarthur arrived back in Falmouth after her round the world solo record trip. Maritime comms are NBFM, 25kHz channel spacing, vertical polarisation from 156MHz to 160MHz'ish. I didn't get anything definitively from B+Q but the maritime band was full of comms from the flotilla of small craft following her in, I guess they were all a bit excited as the language was surprisingly anglo-saxon, several "B" words, "C", "F" and even a "Y" word in just half an hours listening as the boats full of photographers jostled for position, it was just like listening the London 2m repeaters. Life boat and Helo were in the area just in case of accidents.

Ellen with flares 2.JPG

Ellen in rib.JPG

Ellen on stage.JPG

Ellen on stage 2.JPG

In a fantastic acheivment Ellen sailed around the World in 71 days, just a few minutes sleep at a time, survived huge storms in the southern ocean and set a new World Record time, now I have plenty of air miles from travelling myself and I am no fan of airplanes but this girl must really hate flying.

Posted by Tim at February 15, 2005 03:40 PM