April 29, 2005

First ionoscatter QSO's for 2005

Two stations in the log today via ionoscatter, with the big Es yesterday and continued low solar activity it seemed likely to be a good day to try even though it is only April.

11:12 I5WBE 519 539 JN53jr
11:48 OK1DFC 319 559 JN79gw

Signal came right up to 539 from OK1DFC but I was already sending him a feeble report that didn't really do the signal justice.

Thanks Enrico and Zdenek.

I am always interested to try this mode, I use 1 minute CW periods and always transmit on the "ODD" minute e.g. 11:11.00-59 or 11:47.00-59 etc. I send normal RST reports, prefaced by a "r" (like "r539") if I copied your call and report OK. Unlike FSK procedure I ALWAYS need (or send) a final rrr!

Hope to work many more qso's this way in 2005.

Posted by Tim at April 29, 2005 07:50 PM