June 05, 2005

This is what FAI signals sound like...

3rd June.
Several stations have asked me what does FAI sound like....well thanks to Mau IK2YXK who sent me this recording you can listen now G4LOH-IK2YXK FAI there are a few low frequency buzzes from recording process....I managed to get rid of them with my graphic equaliser.

The signal is rough, quite auroral and there are several meteors heard also.

We were both beaming to JO20 at the time that;s about 085deg for me. with direct qtf no signals were heard other than some pings.

Quite a good opening, I heard I5WBE, 9A1UN, IK2DDR, 9A2RD and S54T.

Later there was brief Es from here to IM87 with EA7AJ and EA7BHO.

Posted by Tim at June 5, 2005 11:32 AM

Hi Tim
Very interesting, thanks for publishing the audio and thanks to Mau for the recording & permission.

Posted by: Bob - G1ZJP at June 8, 2005 06:33 PM