July 16, 2005

Atlantic tropo CU8DUB Azores beacon heard.

The tropo forecast looked good all this week but only on tuesday was anything heard with strong ducting to EA8 (probably beyond) again, several stations were 59 and at 15:44 I worked EA8/DL4DWA who had 25W and an HB9CV antenna. The duct then closed rapidly before 19:00 when D44TD got on the band and worked several CT/EA7 stations...arrrgh, if ONLY he had been on earlier.

Today the Atlantic tropo looked poor but I left the radio on listening for pings from CU8DUB and finally heard some, then at 16:30 it popped out the noise on tropo too! Sorry it didn't make a great MP3 conversion and I may have been generous spotting it at 519....but the keying was fully readable for about an hour...

CU8DUB Beacon 144420.0

By my measurement the exact frequency is 144419.950MHz.

NO stations QRV unfortunately so no contacts.

Posted by Tim at July 16, 2005 09:04 PM