August 20, 2005

Band finally closed now..

I drew this map to show the extraordinary tropo opening of the recent few weeks.

The tropo ODX for region 1 has progressed admirably this year, the previous record was D44TD - EA1DIH listed as 3371km (although the locators don't agree with this calculation ?!)

Pity that the official DX records listings are such a mess, being out of date and confused between different proagation modes.

Charlie's latest 144MHz contact is further than the elusive EI - VO1 transatlantic path.....although it has been interesting this summer to see how often the tropo is open to the SSW (EA8) but how infrequent it is open to the WSW (The CU8DUB beacon has only been heard once via tropo here) I think this means that the chances of tropo to the WNW (VO1) are very slim indeed.


Posted by Tim at August 20, 2005 11:25 AM