August 29, 2005

Band open again! 3444km tropo.

Weather has been wet and windy and almost autmnal so I thought that was it for summer tropo this year. Alex RW1ZC/MM is still QRV from the coast of Mauritania and I was hoping to try some Meteor Scatter tests with him over a 3500km path, using his reliable tropo to CT to extend the normal 1500-2000km MS range.

Today seemed like a good day for this and we had a sked for this evening, he was strong with Joe CT1HZE this morning and even reported the EA1VHF beacon. The beacon was heard here also but only 319-519.

Joe called me on KST at 0930 this morning to say Alex was calling on 144300 cw and sure enough I could hear him again!!! quick qso through many stations CQ'ing followed:

29th August 2005
0945 UTC 144300.0 RW1ZC/MM 539 559 IO70jc-IL10ip 3444km

RW1ZC 29 8 2005 JPEG.JPG

Then again at 1008 with 559 53 (ssb) reports.

The signals then faded so we tried FSK with myself and Paul G4RRA calling from 1040 to 1130 and Alex listening.....

I am waiting to hear from him if he decoded anything and hope to add to this entry later if it worked....

No EA8 stations heard and nil from Joe in another Teide reflection test.

The signals on this path seem to peak at local midday which makes me think it is an Evaporation Duct as maximum vapour will surely be at midday. It would also be low level, maybe just a few 100m above the surface, which would explain why EA1VHF (which is on exactly the same QTF but 615m asl) is not a good indicator of this path.

Posted by Tim at August 29, 2005 01:36 PM