August 31, 2005

Lightning strike

The tower took a direct hit this morning as I was watching. I had just unplugged about 3 minutes earlier and disconnected the phone line too as last year a nearby hit took out 3 computers and an ethernet switch. Looking up at the tower from 20m away there was a loud "click" with a flash then a huge thunder clap.

Amazingly no damage.

So I was QRV in the aurora this afternoon but storms up country still caused huge QRN making reception very difficult and I abandoned the exercise after half an hour

1637 IK2YXK 53a 55a QTF 075
1640 IV3GTH 53a 55a QTF 075
1656 9A1CCY 53a 55a QTF 070

Thanks for these contacts and sorry to those who called without success, there were too many static crashes to read any CW.

Posted by Tim at August 31, 2005 06:24 PM