November 05, 2005

Analysis of tropo contacts...

Many thanks to Volker DF5AI for producing this excellent analysis of the RW1ZC/MM to G4LOH and EI5FK contacts this summer. I wasn't aware so much data was available to show the presence of ducts, it would be interesting to correlate the ducts measured at Camborne, La Coruna and Guimar with actual QSO's between G4LOH and EA8. Maybe there were many more days or times when this path was also open. I guess the data is also available for at least one of the Azores Islands, a path which only appeared once as far as I could tell, all summer.

The result showing that the duct was elevated at about 2000m would also fit well with reflection path from the Volcano recorded earlier in the year.


The speculation in the article about reaching Fernando de Noronha (PY0) is interesting but I don't expect this to happen. The QSO's made from here this summer would not have happened without a very experienced and skilled operator at the other end (many thanks Alex!), which is unlikely to be the case for remote islands and the path would be much weaker and openings shorter.

I do hope to reach D44TD next year if Xara is active again, it must be difficult to remain enthusiastic about VHF from such a remote island, we came close this year......

The antenna's are down at G4LOH now where there have been several gales gusting over 60mph already. I don't expect much blogging during the remainder of 2005 so I will take this opportunity to wish anyone reading this a very Happy Christmas 2005.

73, Tim.

Posted by Tim at November 5, 2005 04:18 PM