June 04, 2006

Extra-Random EME

Radio was just left on and I was surprised to hear RN6BN in cw on 144300....it was "extra random eme", the extra randomness because it was only by chance that I was beaming in the right direction for moonrise. We very quickly exchanged 579-579 reports at 1251.

The MUF didn't seem as high as yesterday but we finally got some Es here in the afternoon.

I heard SV1BTR for about 15 minutes 1445-1500 on 144295 but even my pa couldn't get through the pile up of French stations, an unusual experience for me ;-)

Finally at 15:04 144280 SV3GKE 52 59 io70jc-km08vf 2505km

I wasn't sure he had my call correct as there was great qrm but he quickly spotted me so all seemed OK.

Also heard IK7UXY in jn90 very loud.

Posted by Tim at June 4, 2006 05:37 PM