June 07, 2006

Es report again and "the big one" for 2006 in IO70jc

One of those days when the Es kicks off early, everything looks great, 6m hopping, band 2 wide open many directions, it's promising to be the opening that will be referred to years afterward as "the big one".

Well there are some stations in the log including a new Es ODX for me:

1008 LZ1KG 55 59 KN31cs 2583km excellent distance, right at the start of the opening as the science would suggest.

1010 YU1EV 59 59 KN04cn
1012 YT1VV 59 59 JN94us
1012 LZ1ZP 599 599 KN22id
1014 LZ1AG 599 599 KN22id

1023 YZ1RA 559 nc

Kept checking the shack all day but nothing else.

Now I don't want to sound ungrateful especially to those who have missed all the openings so far but today just didn't live up to expectations.

Posted at 1525pm, day ain't over yet......I hope.

WOW it was the big day ... 60 Es QSO's this afternoon.

1643 DK5RQ 59 59 JN68bv kicked it all off (almost the shortest distance!!) and for the next 30 minutes it was often 3 qso's per minute all 59+++++. You try to get through everyone calling hoping there is some mega distance underneath but this was a "quantity" opening.

It is always nice to hear voices of those who you see in the chatroom and those who you have qso's with for many years including DL5MAE, OE5MPL, OE1SOW and many others.

From here the opening was to JN88, JN87, JN97, JN99 all populated area's making a huge pile up. Countries worked were DL, OK, OM, SP, YO, HA, S5, 9A, YU, OE and IT9..... yes, IW9CER on CW at 1729 2095km on a different cloud. All the other contacts were between 1200km and 2000km.

There were at least 3 distinct clouds working but badly positioned for chordal hop between anywhere populated.

Highest MUF was DL5MAE 174MHz.

I haven't put the whole log in as I couldn't type fast enough so it's all on paper at the moment, it's going to take a while to type it all into VQlog now.

Thanks to all those who called me and sorry if you didn't get through. In particular I remember contacting HA5AVY for whom I guess this was their first 2m ES and was being fed the words to say by Dad in the back ground, I hope another generation of radio enthusiasts is being nurtured out there.

73 to all.

Posted by Tim at June 7, 2006 03:25 PM