June 11, 2006

FAI opening or something

Not sure exactly what the propagation was yesterday, the MUF was very high and HA1FV appeared briefly on sporadic E

1650 HA1FV 59 59 JN87jj 1635km Es

then a whole bunch of stations all started calling with best signal 095 degrees from here:

complete contacts were:

1651 IW4ARD 59 59 JN64fd
1651 IW4CJM 55 55 JN63hv
1652 9A3JH 55 59 JN75ad

I guessed it was FAI but the signals were not distorted, it was not Es.

Sometime before Es opens you here signals weakly, like listening to someone though a closed door....then the MUF gets a bit higher and all of a sudden the door is opened...that's what is was like. I guess it was ionospheric side scatter with the MUF just below 144 from here.

Posted by Tim at June 11, 2006 10:33 AM

Hi Tim ,
congrats for nice work. Just one comment : sigs via FAI are not always distorded.
73 Dom/F6DRO

Posted by: dom at June 11, 2006 08:57 PM