June 11, 2006

Great Es day..CU/7X and CN!

Today started early, too early for me!, there was Es in the morning from East G to OK/HA but I wasn't in the shack. It did leave a useful FAI patch over JO41 though and IC8FAX and IK2YXK were both heard.

At 1127 9A7W was a great signal on FAI and 9A1CCY also appeared.

F8DBF spotted CU8DUB as 599 on sporadic into IN87, I listened and heard it too, could not contact Fred CU8AO and although CU3EU qsy'd from 6m he wasn't heard. I tried FM but no replies, it was nonetheless exciting to hear the beacon via Es.

More sporadic in the afternoon but it was too far south...or so I thought. I did hear EA6VQ briefly but the hotspot was quite close to EA6 so skip was into the desert for me so I thought I would try FM.

A few CQ's on 145.500 and up popped 7X5RC and we had an excellent 59/59 contact, he didn't know his QRA but told me he was in Bejaia which puts him in JM26ml, excellent!

11-6-2006 1623 7X5RC 59 59 145.500MHz FM Bejaia, Algeria JM26ml ...how rare is that!!

It then got better with an amazing double hop (or was it tropo plus ES...the debate will no doubt rage on a while) opening from EA8 to OK/DL/PA and distances over 3000km being worked. Here I found :

1812 CN8SG 59 59 IM64qg new DXCC and sq.
1813 EA7AFM 59 59 IM66tg
1815 CT1HZE 59 59 endstopping the meter
1840 CN8LI 55 53 IM63nx new sq.

then just as I am blogging it all..

1905 CN8IG 59 59 IM75hn no one else so I tried calling on FM...

1909 CN8IG 59 57 He had the same idea!

In between I have been completing the electronification of my log book, the current result is:

40 DXCC's without EME or Meteor Scatter

7X Algeria
9A Croatia
9H Malta
CN Morocco
CT Portugal
CT3 Madeira Is.
DL Germany
EA Spain
EA8 Canary Is.
EI Ireland
F France
G England
GD Isle of Man
GJ Jersey
GM Scotland
GU Guernsey
GW Wales
HA Hungary
HB Switzerland
HB0 Liechtenstein
HV Vatican
I Italy
IS Sardinia
LX Luxembourg
LZ Bulgaria
OE Austria
OK Czech Republic
OM Slovak Republic
ON Belgium
OZ Denmark
PA Netherlands
S5 Slovenia
SM Sweden
SP Poland
SV Greece
T9 Bosnia-Herzegovina
UA1,3 European Russia
UR Ukraine
YO Romania
YU Serbia & Montenegro

Getting harder to find new countries without resorting to MS or EME (or anything digital!).

The squares total is now 204, the map is below...also worked but off the map is IL10 ;-))


There is plenty of low hanging fruit to go for ...like IO90!! IO81!!!

Posted by Tim at June 11, 2006 07:35 PM