June 15, 2006

Azores opening

Last night the beacon CU8DUB got fantastically strong here, over S9 on my radio.

14th June 2006 22:40 UTC CU8DUB 599+

I and several stations were waiting for Fred to appear, most had given up when I made one last CQ call before closing down, just before midnight local time.

Last CQ call before closing 22:47 14th June 2006

22:51 144300MHz CU8AO 55 57 IO70jc-HM49kl 2350km

We chatted for about half an hour although his signal dropped below noise a few times. Fred told me that he had been unable to be qrv that evening but he would be out portable (today) by midday. Unfortunately by 0900 this morning the beacon was almost gone here and by midday absolutely nothing heard from Azores Islands.

No Es here either today and the Sun has suddenly become active which may dampen it down for a while also.

Posted by Tim at June 15, 2006 04:34 PM