June 21, 2006

More scattered openings

There was a brief opening yesterday when IH9GPI beacon (JM56xt, 2012km) was heard at G4LOH between 1130 and 1200, I was sure I had the recorder on and was looking forward to post it but it seems it was off. There is apparently no operator on 144MHz on Pantilliera Isl. but maybe next year.

20/06/2006 1132 9H5SN 59 59 JM75FW 2231km made the log, thanks Mark.
20/06/2006 1201 IT9PMZ 52 55 JM68PD 1977km

This morning 21/06/2006 there was a brief opening in which SM3JLA was heard whilst the tube was heating but gone when it was ready, and OH6PA called G4LOH at 0712 but incomplete, hope this doesn't set the tone for the day....

On a positive note check out the new EI5FK Blog , Charlie manages some great dx from IO51 (including the current 144MHz IARU Region 1 tropo DX record) and always has a very high average QRB in the big Es openings. Good luck with the blog Charlie and may you always have plenty of blog fodder to feed it with.

Posted by Tim at June 21, 2006 08:27 AM

Hi Tim
Have been following your blog for a few days
Looks like you are working some fine DX on 2mtrs
Ive worked a few but nowhere near to your distances worked. I think I need a bigger beam HI.
Reading your Blog made me decide to start one off
So maybe you could but a link on your blog.
Thanks Tim
73 and good DX... Mark

Posted by: Mark at June 23, 2006 03:34 AM