June 24, 2006

Brief opening.

Checked early today, 6th sense maybe. It wasn't much of an Es opening but YU1EV was a huge signal at G4LOH for a few minutes:

07:14 YT1VV JN94US 59 59 ES 1954km
07:14 YU1EV KNě4CN 55 55 ES 2000km
07:16 YZ7NOU KNě4AX 59 59 ES 1968km
07:20 IC8FAX JN7ěCN 55f 55f FAI 090/330 1842km

The only new square was a lot closer to home though, thanks Gordon!

08:09 GW8ASA IO81EM 59 59 TR 193km Tnx #215

Later on there were several clouds, the only one close enough to IO70 enabled:

At 1650 IH9GPI beacon was heard on 144468.2 ( it is very close to a local IO70 beacon on 144468.0), later made this recording of it:

IH9GPI Beacon 144.468 MHz JM56xt 2016km

1710 IW9HLM JM77mn new #216
1715 9H1TX JM75fu

Posted by Tim at June 24, 2006 03:48 PM