June 25, 2006

Morocco/Canaries opening

There was strong FM up to 108MHz from Morocco and Spain but 144300 was silent so I made a call on FM and was immediately answered by CN8JH.

1122 CN8JH 145.5MHz 59 59 FM Hamed, Rabat

After some more calls CN8TM appeared and was 59 for several minutes chatting in Arabic, called by me and several French stations but made no qso's. Apparently from IM52 square so very frustrating!

1155 144300.0 SSB EA8AVI 55 56 IL28fc 2610km

Nice to hear EA8 again as tropo has been a non-event so far this year.

I was delighted to see that EA8AVI then went on to enjoy a double hop opening into Romania for a new world record 4293km with YO4FNG. Many congratulations to both stations.

Posted by Tim at June 25, 2006 03:18 PM