June 30, 2006

Nothing much

Not much to blog about, propagation is dire. Not even a trace of tropo from the high pressure system, lets hope that changes in time for the contest when C37RC will be on from Andorra with 300W and a 17ele M2 at 2150masl.

I want to just mention the problem of cluster abuse or "cluster monkeys" as KH2D would say. The LiveMUF program that many hams use to predict sporadic E on 2m depends on data from the dxcluster yet it seems that many who use the program also use the DXC for chat and reporting their log book after the event! this activity causes false alerts for 1000's of hams using LiveMUF, so a heart felt plea..DON'T DO IT!

Use the DXC to report Es QSO's on 6m and 2m, especially short QRB 6m qso's and report 2m qso's as quickly as possible and if you don't spot them within 5 minutes then don't bother....save it for the DK5YA log reporting.

I imagine Dave and others have spent 1000's of hours unpaid to produce this marvellous tool and yet many of those who might, and many who do benefit from it still mess it up by lack of thought.

End of rant.

Posted by Tim at June 30, 2006 02:30 PM

I agree Tim
I wonder is there a way to delete spots
within the program? I'm new to it so am still adjusting things etc. However since using this great program I have managed to work some nice DX (well to me that is) I think half the problem is a LOT of DXcluster users do not use and have not heard of the MUF program. I only discovered it by a link on the KST chat which I have only just started to log onto and monitor.
Hmm Maybe an advertising campaign is on the cards. I have added a link to G7RAU's website on my Blog.
Oh and you cant beat a good rant every now and then. Cheers Mark

Posted by: Mark at June 30, 2006 05:21 PM