July 06, 2006

All directions open

During the day 2m was open from here in many directions, CT then SM before a big opening to YU/YO during which I heard CU8AO calling off the back of my antenna! Fred was 59++ and great news is that he was as strong as the beacon, so whatever it was making him 25dB weaker during the tropo opening is properly fixed, nice work. Fred also worked G4CQM and was heard in GW.

I was a bit too close to the main cloud and maybe also out the shack at the wrong time as EI5FK worked YO4FNG 2850km and F6KHM worked UA6 3300km. No trace of any chordal heard here.

I was pleased that I came back to the shack to blog this as I found EA1VHF 599, then:

2131 EA8BEX 529 559 IL27gx 2609km Tropo
2140 EA8BPX 59 59 IL18sk

First EA8 tropo this year, might be even better tomorrow.

CU8AO and the beacon was 59 for about 30 mins and I called ages for WP3UX on 144200 but not even a ping was received. What a pity that 144MHz was open so well to CU and there wasn't even a reasonable 6m opening to the Carribean at the same time.

Posted by Tim at July 6, 2006 09:19 PM