August 15, 2006

Sorry about the break...

Time flies, I have been busy putting a roof on the house although have had some time on the radio as conditions have appeared.

Last night there was an excellent FAI opening. QTF was 080-090 for all contacts:

14/08/2006 19:34 IW4CJM JN63HV 55f 55f SSB FAI 1513km
14/08/2006 19:36 I6BQI JN62AK 57f 55f CW FAI 1570km
14/08/2006 19:36 IC8FAX JN7CN 51f 55f CW FAI 1842km
14/08/2006 19:43 I8MPO JN7FP 57f 59f SSB FAI 1852km
14/08/2006 19:44 IW3GXW JN65DE 53f 51f SSB FAI 1416km
14/08/2006 20:00 I6BQI JN62AK 55f 55f SSB FAI 1570km
14/08/2006 20:00 IW4BET JN54QL 42f 51f CW FAI 1394km
14/08/2006 20:23 TK5JJ JN41IW 52f 55f CW FAI 1402km

I was particularly pleased with TK5JJ for a new country and an unusual FAI path for me.

There have also been a few tropo openings to EA8 in the last few weeks and a little more sporadic-E also.

Highlights were LZ9X KN32 and 4O3T JN92 Montenegro on the 12th August.

Posted by Tim at August 15, 2006 09:10 PM