May 07, 2007

Atlantic tropo during contest

With EA1VHF temporarily QRT it's hard to tell the conditions but when the contest started on saturday EA1FDI/P was totally endstopping here, when he dropped to 50mW power the meter still said 59+50dB! The duct didn't seem to go any further but then, as I was beaming to SM7 I heard CT3KN/P of the back, swung the beam and he was 59+40dB, excellent!

The band then opened to EA8 a while, I listened for CU8DUB but nil heard from that direction.

The log looks like this:

14:20 EA1FDI/P IN52LW 59 001 59 005 SSB TR 849km
14:24 EE1URO IN62GE 55 002 55 004 SSB TR 897km
14:27 EA1DKV/P IN53RE 59 003 59 003 SSB TR 810km
15:07 CT3KN/P IM12NP 59 004 59 006 SSB TR 2165km
15:22 EA8BPX IL18SK 55 005 59 007 SSB TR 2589km
15:25 EA8BWY/P IL18UL 55 006 58 008 SSB TR 2579km
15:27 EA8AVI IL28FC 55 55 SSB TR 2597km
15:27 CT3HF IM12OP 539 559 CW TR 2162km
15:27 EB8CDX IL18NI 55 008 55 003 SSB TR 2611km
15:27 EA8TX IL18QI 59 007 59 006 SSB TR 2603km
16:04 EA8BUE/P IL18OH 59 009 59 006 SSB TR 2613km
16:17 EB1DNA IN63FL 59 010 59 SSB TR 757km
16:17 EA1EBJ IN73FL 57 011 59 012 SSB TR 737km
16:26 EA8AVI IL28FC 59 012 59 010 SSB TR 2597km

CT3KN/P was a great signal for many hours and I was delighted to see he worked several more G and GW stations, I was just listening by then as a loose pin on a 7/16" coax socket on my Bird43 led to the evaporation of the pin, surrounding PTFE and the element........

Check all your plugs and sockets ready for the new dx season!


Posted by Tim at May 7, 2007 07:52 PM

Hi Tim,
Nice to see you back blogging again.
And well done on the above log entries, you always seem to do very well in a southerly direction must be sea path or something.
Anyway nice to see your active again.
73 Mark GØNMY

Posted by: Mark at May 13, 2007 05:51 PM

Hoi tim

Wintersleep gone. Glad to see your blog here again. Still active. We build out third system on 70 cm for the contestgroup. 6 x 9 el DK7ZB. We had lots of trouble on the right dipole, but finally we succeed. The systems gain is only 1 db down compare to the 4 x 23 el QD (now 15 years old).
But the great adventage is de horizontal opening.
Beaming to 170 degrees we can pick up nearly all stations in 60 degrees opening. Great thing.
We had never another stations qrmming on our frequency.

On 70 cm we worked EA1FDI/P, LA, GD0, SP, OL

See our Website and You Tube
PI4GN contesting mei 2007.

greetings gerard

Posted by: gerard pe1bbi at May 15, 2007 08:52 PM