June 02, 2007


A big Es event today, I was in it at the start and was hearing the Panteleria beacon 59++ so was very pleased when he popped up on 144300 too

1420 IH9GPI 59 59 JM56xt 2016km

Great to make a qso after hearing the beacon so many times.

Just two minutes later on a different Es cloud SV1BTR appeared and was a huge signal for hours

02/06/2007 14:23 SV1BTR KM18NO 59 59 SSB ES 2567km
02/06/2007 15:07 I6BQI JN62AK 55f 55f CW FAI 1570km
02/06/2007 15:07 IC8FAX JN7ěCN 53f 55f CW FAI 1842km
02/06/2007 15:31 SV2JL KN1ěLO 59 59 SSB ES 2421km

A bit of FAI and then open to SV again.

I also heard IT9VDQ but not many got-aways. Was right on the very edge of it, SV1BTR must have an amazing log for today!

Posted by Tim at June 2, 2007 06:33 PM