June 21, 2007

Slow Es season

So far this year the DX season has been very poor, no tropo and almost no Es.

Today was a little better with a strong, sustained opening to southern Spain, Portugal and Morrocco.

This was the sort of Es when you could hear someone with a handheld on a beach, many FM channels were heard busy with local QSO's chatting away, oblivious to the rare conditions.

Being a work day activity was quite low and several of the stations heard had been worked several times before so I didn't call them again.

20/06/2007 144MHz
12:34 EA7BYM IM66UM 59/59 1512km
12:36 CT1HZE IM57NH 59/59 1452km
12:40 EA7TN 59/59 1488km
12:50 EA7FTR IM67LG 59/59 1434km
12:53 CT1BYM IM58IQ 59/59 1309km
12:57 CN8LI IM63NX 59/59 1798km
13:08 CT1EPC IM68GD 59/59 1341km
13:12 CN8SG IM64QG 59/59 FM 1764km
13:17 EB7AEY IM67LG 59/59 1434km
13:21 CN8ET IM63 59/59 FM 1849km Casablanca

No new squares but a nice opening. Still EA9 eludes me but I hope it is just a matter of time!

Later, when it seemed there was no chance, the FAI path to Italy opened:

20:51 I6BQI JN62AK 53f/53f CW FAI 1570km
21:05 IWFIY JN61GW 33f/52f CW FAI 1637km

QTF's were 090 and 330( from italy)


Posted by Tim at June 21, 2007 10:10 AM