June 28, 2008

At long long last, Es and Atlantic tropo, firsts of 2008

Finally some Es in what has to be the worst ever year.

12:58 IJMH JN61FV 59 59 1635
13:00 IWFFK JN61DT 55 55 1630
13:01 IZ5EME JN52NS 55 55 1488
13:02 1Z8FAV JN7ET 59 59 1835
13:07 IYLI JN61FV 59 59 1635
13:09 IKXIH JN61KK 59 59 1694
13:12 I5XDL JN52GW 59 59 1440
13:22 IZ8BAD JM88BQ 59 59 1672
13:22 IZ8YFU JM88AJ 59 59 2122

The Atlantic duct has also been open for about 36 hours with EA8TX, EA8TJ, EB8CDX, EA8BPX and EA8BEX in the log too. I listened to them this morning working other G stations as an Es cloud over IN63 extended the tropo over the mountains in northern Spain. I heard CT1HZE briefly, the beacon in IM57 and had half a contact with CT1 on S20.

The tropo duct hasn't got really strong which was especially frustrating as there seemed to be more CT3 stations QRV today than I have ever seen before on the dx cluster. None of them were heard at G4LOH.

It is good to see that there are several stations QRV 2m from CU now with CU2,3,7 and 8 all spotted in the last few days but not even a ping from the beacons there shows the tropo path is still very closed from here.

Posted by Tim at June 28, 2008 08:07 PM