June 30, 2008

Day4 IO70<->IL18<->IM57 3800km

For the fourth day the duct has stayed open to EA8, today was by far the strongest. So strong that Joe, CT1HZE was easily workable by reflection from the Tiede Volcano that forms Tenerife island, amazing 3800km path, we confirmed the path several times over more than an hour, at 18:54 signals were S9!

Also in the log : EA8TJ, EA8CCG, EA8BPX, EB8CDX, EB8BRZ.

EA8BEX was the strongest with -54dBm arriving in the shack from the antennas, +pre-amp gain 20dB, -rx feeder loss...currently unknown but probably 20dB due to water.

Also nice to hear several CT stations CT1ANO, CT1EKD, CT2GUR

Sadly there were very few stations QRV...if only we had enjoyed these conditions over the weekend whe so many contest stations were active.

Also sadly the propagation didn't extend far inland I would be nice to see the EA8 stations work some stations other than us "usual suspects" on the south coast.

Posted by Tim at June 30, 2008 11:00 PM