July 17, 2008

Joe versus the Volcano

Another strong duct from the Canary Islands to the UK today enabled easy contacts with EA8TX and EA8TJ on 144MHz.

Joe, CT1HZE was very strong reflected off the enormous Tenerife Volcano over a 3800km total path, so strong in fact, that his signal was almost fully quieting on FM!!! We made several QSO's between 10:30 and 13:00 UTC via this path.

I guess that due to the time of day there were no other stations on, it would be nice to work EA7 and CN by this reflection mode also someday.

Looking forward to next weeks CQ9U dxpedition to Salvagen Island in IM20bd, hope the tropo duct stays open.

I had a nice visit today from Dick GM4PPT who took a few photos of the antenna's and shack which I will post here as soon as he mails them to me. It was great to put a face to the voice I have heard so many times over many years on 144MHz band. Dick was also able to witness one of the Volcano Reflection QSO's with CT1HZE.

Posted by Tim at July 17, 2008 07:08 PM