May 04, 2009

Azores tropo

The Hepburn tropo forecast was spot-on today and CU8DUB HM49kl appeared on 144420 at 13:00 about 529.

I checked for the new CU2VHF beacon in HM77dt that I hadn't heard before and sure enough, there it was quickly rising to 599 by 13:20 UTC, some 6-10dB louder than CU8DUB.

I made some calls and was heard by CU3EQ HM68kp but no QSO resulting before he had to leave for QRL.

The beacon was unstable for a while before reaching 599+10dB at 15:30 when I made this recording:

CU2VHF HM77dt 144401MHz

CU2JX HM77er was QRV about 15:50 just as conditions dropped, we heard each other but didn't complete a QSO and the beacon was gone at 16:00.

Let's hope the beacon will be heard a lot more this summer given that it has a sea path right up the channel to PA/ON.

Posted by Tim at May 4, 2009 02:46 PM