June 09, 2009

Sporadic E Morocco and Maderia Island

The hotspot seemed to be in the same place as saturday today with a nice opening to Morocco:

11:34 CN8WJ/M 145500 FM Khorigba IM62
12:10 CN8VX/M 145500 FM IM63em
12:28 CN8TY 145500 FM Casablanca

Then at 13:12 as the cloud drifted West the new beacon CS3BTM appeared from IM12.

CS3BTM 144481.1MHz heard at G4LOH 1313utc 9th June 2009

Update 15:55

14:15 CN8WJ/M 145.500 called again and gave his QRA as IM62NV
14:33 CN8QN 59 145.500
14:45 Strong arabic chatter on 145.180MHz I was hoping for a rare square but the reply was "we are fishing ships, fishing ships near Casablanca"....

15:16 CT3KD 59 145.500

The opening continued and CS3BTM got very strong for over half an hour:
CS3BTM 599 at 15:04utc

The beacon peaked over 599 for a long time, D44TD (same QTF) qsy'd from 6m but I didn't hear him at all.

144MHz was open with sporadic-E for about 4 1/2 hours today...amazing!

Posted by Tim at June 9, 2009 02:28 PM