July 03, 2009

144MHz Chordal Hop Es to Eastern Mediterranean Sea

Another fantastic Es opening today.

It started off good at 14:40 there were Italian Repeaters on FM but no-one on ssb, very odd, but a call on 144300 then produced:

14:42 IH9GPI JM56xt 2018km at 59++

I would have been happy with that contact but the opening soon got even better, the band opened to Italy with IKRWX, IKSMG, I8MPO, IWBJP/ and IK2XEG making the log before a second Es spot produced a spectacular 20 minute opening to Crete

14:58 SV9GPV KM25EH 59/59 144MHz SSB ES 2893km

SV9GPV with G4LOH 144MHz 3rd july 2009 2893km

New country #54 and square 269 from here for me.

Then even louder:

15:07 SV9CVY KM25KA 59/59 144MHz SSB ES 2948km Es ODX

Highlights of rest of the log being:

15:17 SV1BJY KM18UA 59 59 2 m. SSB ES 2647km
15:18 SW1NZX KM17VV 59 59 2 m. SSB ES 2662km #270
15:18 SV1COA KM17UX 59 58 2 m. SSB ES 2650km

A bunch of Italian and Croatian stations then made it into the log with last signals heard here at about 15:50 UTC.

Posted by Tim at July 3, 2009 09:29 PM