July 05, 2009

More Es

In an truly remarkable year, 144MHz was open for many hours yesterday, at several times opne to CT and I at the same time:

No new squares or countries today despite 5 hours of listening.

Highlight of the day was to hear Gibralta again, 3rd time this year but still special.

4/7/2009 15:22 ZB3B IM76he

Posted by Tim at July 5, 2009 01:11 PM

Hallo Tim

Long time no seeing.
But you go on.
Last year D44, now SV.
What's next?
sure you have heard of the band 2 DX last 26 june bij Paul Logan in Northern Ireland.
Alabahma 6456 km 3/4 hops Es.

May be you put also a band 2 beam on your tower to scan 88-108 for TA(or did you already) and then may be one day on 144 Mhz America.

Stil going contesting here and also a lot of FM-dxing on the coast of my county (groningen)
Always G,F,OZ,SM,BEL.
And when there's i little tropo Norway till
700 km.

Greeting Gerard PE1BBI

Posted by: gerard at July 8, 2009 03:00 PM