July 17, 2009

Update on Es and Tropo

As a general update about the log I can report that there has been several more DX events here on 144MHz. On the 11th there was finally some tropo to the south west with strong signals from EA8, despite awful wet windy weather I could access the duct well for most of the day.

On the 16th, a long, strong Es event to CT/EA7/CN/EA9 and ZB.

Today the 17th I was expecting an opening to YU with strong VOR signals from there but heard EA9IB calling CQ on 144300.0MHz off the side of the beam. We exchanged 59+ reports after I turned the beam, he stayed strong for about 30minutes but I heard no other stations from that area.

Working away from the Radio for just a few minutes I missed RU4AN being heard on chordal hop at F0EJW IN78 (just a little south from here) so dont know if I would have heard him here, but will always wonder about it :-(

A brief opening to Italy at 10:00 and high MUF all day but no other contacts.

20:50 UTC update

MUF stayed high and produced an excellent fai opening in the evening.

IC8FAX was first in the log at 19:10, with IZ4BEH on ssb at 20:32. IZ4BEH via FAI 144.305MHz MP3 file

In between were: I8MPO with this ssb qso: I8MPO via FAI 144.305MHz MP3 file, IK0BZY, S50C, I3MEK, IK4PMG, I2FAK, 9A9SF, IK4GRD, 9A4M, and IQ3AZ.

Signals were still strong from I8MPO after 22:00 UTC.

Posted by Tim at July 17, 2009 03:38 PM

I've been watching your 2m ES results on the VHFDX.net real-time propagation maps with interest and more than a little envy. This is the first time I have listened on 2m for more than two decades when I lived in Essex, and it seems to me that the Sporadic-E has moved south. I can remember making contacts with Eastern Europe, Italy and Malta. Now it all seems to be Spain and Portugal, and those of us north of London rarely get a look-in.

I have only a small antenna, low power and am the wrong side of the Lake District mountains but when others have reported contacts this far north I have been able to hear and in some cases work them. But most often the red lines stay resolutely in the south of England or occasionally creep up as far as the Midlands. It's most frustrating!

Has the Sporadic-E really moved south or is that just my perception of it?

Posted by: Julian, G4ILO at July 18, 2009 11:05 AM