September 13, 2009

G-OY Tropo Ducting

The take-off to the North from IO70jc is quite poor with a high granite hill just a few km from here. I saw OY4TN working EI on tropo and thought I'll try beaming that way just to maybe get some pings, I didn't hear any any but asked him for a sked on KST chat. I called for a minute and was amazed when he came straight back to me.

14:45 144.300MHz OY4TN 519 519 IP62nb 1335km CW Tropo

Hmm....can't get the thumbnail to work but one click above shows a map of the path, just neatly skimming between the coasts for a near perfect sea path from IO70jc to IP62nb

I am sure this will be one of the most memorable QSO's ever from this location, completely unexpected.

A nice new DXCC #56 from here.

Posted by Tim at September 13, 2009 07:57 PM