July 28, 2011

27th July update

2011 continues to be a slow year, very little Es and very little tropo to report. Yesterday was interesting though.

The tropo finally nudged far enough north for me to hear the ED8ZAA and CS3BTM beacons, a clutch of stations made the log:

19:39 EA8CQW
19:58 CT1ANO
20:20 CT1HZE via Tenerife reflection 3850km
20:25 D44TD 59!!! 4040km heard only 144.280MHz
20:55 EB8BRZ

Earlier there was an FAI opening from here making my FAI ODX:

18:12 YT3I 52f 52f QTF 087/0 KN05HP 1987km

Miran S57EA made this recording of the QSO: G4LOH -YT3I FAI

Many thanks Miran!

I should add about the D44TD thing yesterday, he appeared strong for a few seconds just as I tuned onto him and was in QSO with CT1HZE. I didn't hear him again but after he finished he listened for me and apparently heard me (qsp from Joe) but I couldn't hear him.

D44TD was also heard at M0VRL IO70po 4114km.....!!!!!

Today there was still tropo open to EA8/CT3 with the beacon steady 529 most of the time and EB8BRZ was heard.

This evening a good FAI opening:

All random QSO's

1938 IV3DXW 42f 55f CW JN65qq QTF 077
2023 IZ0FWE 52f 52f SSB JN62ic QTF 085
2026 IZ4BEH 53f 55f CW JN54vk QTF 084
2031 IK1EGC 54f 55f CW JN35uf QTF 082


Posted by Tim at July 28, 2011 12:17 PM

Hi Tim

Read the latest report, all very interesting! 4000 km amazing.

Leigh VK2KRR

Posted by: Leigh VK2KRR at August 2, 2011 02:58 PM

Congrats Tim and all guys for these nice tropo qso over 4000 km path.
This distance is also reachable on SHF !
Keep in mind
Kindly regards

Posted by: F2CT GUy at August 15, 2011 11:43 PM