March 17, 2012

Tropo 12-15th March report

Fine tropo duct to the East from IO70jc. Greatest QRB highlights were:

1908 GM0HTT IO89jc 1009km

1902 DD3SP JO72en 1383km
1935 OK1TEH JO70fd 1398km
1949 I2SVA JN45nt 1170km
2005 I3MEK JN55sj 1354km
2018 F1USF JN23cn 1021km
2108 IW2DAL JN45nn 1183km
2127 IZ3KGJ JN65iw 1410km
2205 IZ4BEH JN54vk 1425km

0904 OE3FVU JN78ve 1538km
0913 OE2UKL JN68la 1340km
0920 OK2AF JN89ar 1520km
0927 SQ9QU JO90kk 1707km
0934 OK2PM JN99ao 1660km
0958 OK1DMP JN79ix 1418km
1523 SQ9QU JO90kk 1707km

About 2 pages of good DX contacts into DL/OK/OE/I/ON/F are in the hand-written log. It's good to be back on 2m DX, looking forward to a good DX year.


Posted by Tim at March 17, 2012 05:44 PM