May 29, 2004

Got the bug again..

Well the 9ele has been up all of three days and I'm already wanting to put up a bigger antenna. I reckon one or two of the I0JXX 16's could go on the temporary tower fairly easily.

I screwed up when I put the tower up by only putting three guys at 120deg on it so it's a handfull when putting up/down. If I put an extra on I should be able to lift and lower it simply with the winch on front of my land rover.

The 9ele is fantastic for ms though, I completed with OK1MZM and IW3DXW in less than 5mins each but my preference is for more gain for iono/FAI/tropo.

Es didnt quite make it to 2m today but it felt close, 300 was buzzing with signals I couldn't quite read...definitely got the 2m bug back again I think there is a lot more that can be done on this band.

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May 27, 2004

Perfect timing!!

Well after months of effort I am finally on air. 8 bits of coax strung together, no pre-amp and a modest 9ele at 8m agl.


After listening around to a few beacons I worked GW3HWR for square #1 and GW DXCC! Paul G4RRA joined in for another new square too :-)

But I have to say that after months of work to get finished and on the air just 5 hours before the first Sporadic E of the year is surely impressive!!

The Es log looks like this:

15:24 S51KK JN76hb
15:24 S53V JN76gb
15:24 YZ1EW JN94
15:26 YT1VV JN94
15:35 LZ2FO KN13kx 2210km
15:35 YU1IO KN04iq
15:35 YZ1KU KN04et
15:40 YU7KB JN94xx
15:41 LZ2ZY KN13ot 2257km ODX

Would have been nice to reach the ZA expedition and the path was very nearly right for this but I can't complain really..

Downloaded the latest WSJT and made it easily with IV3GTH JN65st in the evening too.

I have a stinking cold but it couldn't keep me out the shack today, nice one.

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May 25, 2004

Filling in the gaps... that's what the hole in the wall was for!


It's getting there...

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May 24, 2004

Moving in :-)

Finally it's ready!


Well that was a lot of work and I ran out of paint for 1/2 the cieling...still I think the picture is low enough resolution that it looks pretty good.

Will need to put the shelf in for the PA in the hole in the wall and put an antenna up tomorrow, wx is fantastic so should be qrv in a day or so.

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May 15, 2004

Time for a Heineken?

Have you ever seen that Heineken commercial where the men have dug a trench in the road to fix the water pipe and a van pulls up fom the phone company and the driver makes the unlikely statement " here, while you've got that hole open we could put our wires in and by not digging up the road again we could save the public a lot of inconvenience!"

It was just a trench to put in the power line in taking down the overhead which would have been in the way of the new building. While the trench was open though it seemed a good idea to add a phone line extension to the shack and some Ethernet cabling then also a drain pipe.

But it didn't end there, by coincidence a man from the phone company turned up to replace some rotten telegraph poles and (for the price of a drink) said I could bury the wire to the pole and he would connect it for me (thus removing the only overhead wire in the yard). This meant that the trench set off in the opposite direction too and I added a water main and another power cable.

Thus half a days work became four and it's all buried so there's now nothing to see.

Shack has come on a bit, and has 248V ac (!) connected now.


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May 12, 2004

not forgotten to blog...

But it will be better when there is some radio activities to report. Weather has been great so it has been OK outdoors putting in the electricity supply to the house and radio shack. I expect faster progress when there is power in the shack without running the generator all the time.

OH6MAZ asked just how bad is the take-off to the North-East for OH/SM? Here is a picture, the grey hill in the distance is about 230masl which is 80m higher than the top of my antenna. The G4JNT programme says take-off angle is +0.5 to +1 degree to Scandinavia, I hope I will be able to work some stuff in that direction but will always be thinking of the old site in IO94ea when I could SEE 80km which was pretty useful for Auroras.


(The electricity pole is the correct beam heading towards you Hannu)

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May 06, 2004

More blogging than building!

Spent more time today fixing the blog and trying to get a java based clock running on it.. succeded but at the cost of the rest of it working so took it off again. Pity 'cos it was accurate enough to synchronise your WSJT periods by.

Got half the floor and the internal doorway fitted in the shack today spurred on by the apparent nice Es on 6m again.

PE1AHX suggested some pics of the take-off so here they are:

Best take off is West through South round to OK/OE/9A.


Take-Off to the East 9A/OE/S5 etc


Take-Off to the South West EA8/CU/D44!/W!!!

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May 05, 2004

Es already!!!

Wow, Es spotted already on 2m, well not from UK but from a more Northerly latitude than here...better get on with the shack.

I have completed insulating and plastering the ceiling, have built a "transmitter room" to keep all the noisy things inside and thus not have the radio volume at max ruining my ears.

So getting close but still no radio yet!


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