July 27, 2004

Biggest Aurora ever?

The day started off well with a call to the south-west being answered by EA8ATG which means that the G-EA8 path has been open for the last three days (yesterday I spoke with Avelino EA8BPX at 18:32) then, after being out a while the mother of all aurora's started. By the time I got on at 15:27 to work HA1A (59a/59a JN87gf) QTF was already 80 degrees and for the next hour qtf went right round to 100 degrees for stations in JN63/JN03/JN25/JN23...absolutely amazing.

Earlier there was AuE to SM2 region very strong but no chance to work that here.

A great 2m DX day.

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July 25, 2004

Aurora...eventually. Then EA8 tropo again...

Well I knew that the chances of working via Aurora were small when I moved here but today the difference between here and IO94 was demonstrated dramatically. The aurora started in the morning for those up country, but here the first signal was G3UTS at 14:15. As it moved south it suddenly came into view from here at QTF 070 and a few stations were worked:

1509 S57O 59a 59a JN86dt 1626km
1517 PA0JMV 59a 59a JO21pm Tnx new DXCC!
1523 OK2KZR 59a 59a JN89bo
1532 F4AZF 57a 57a JN38iw
1545 GM4PPT/M 52a 59a Tnx new DXCC!
1550 OK1PFR 52a 55a JO80ce
1552 DL3DXX 55a 57a JO61vc
1553 OK1DFC 59a 59a JN89gw
1555 DD0VF 59a 59a JO61wb
1618 F5VHX 59a 59a JN04fl
1620 DJ9EQ 55a 55a JO30oi
1621 F6DRO 55a 57a JN03tj
1626 OM3RM 59a 59a JN87wv

Still I knew it would be bad so all the above was a bonus....what I came here for (radio-wise) was good tropo so I turned the beam to the South West and Hey-Presto!. Heard then worked on 144300 at 1747UTC up popped EA8/DL4DWA/P il18rj and then EA8YT a few minutes later, 2700km Sea Tropo open again... nice!

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July 11, 2004

short and sweet

Efficient day today, got back from a day out, went into shack, switched on, worked two stations on Es then closed down...none of that sitting around waiting nonsense!

1804 EA7CU 59 59 IM86su
1817 EA7RM 59 59 IM87cs

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July 10, 2004

stop start Es....then bang!

Nice evening Es started just after it looked like it wasn't going to happen, MUF had been up to 120MHz but nothing on 2m then...

1854 IC8FAX 59 59 JN70cn
1859 IZ0CGV 59 59 JN61gv
1906 I1ANP 59 59 JN44vc
1910 IZ0GUG 59 59 JN61ew
short break...is it all over? not!
1926 LZ3NY 59 59 KN12qq
must be over now?....not
2003 S51MQ 59 57 JN75
2004 YU1EV 59 59 KN04cn
That was the Es so I started calling FAI for IC8FAX but signal too weakbut at 087 QTF.... Nice random FAI contacts.

2044 S53J 53f 55f JN75ev
2049 S51MQ 53f 52f JN75

Then someone else called but I was distracted by a flash from the transmitter room, oh dear! Hope it's just a fuse!!

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July 08, 2004

Was that it?

Rushed out to shack in the pouring rain and strong wind when a few Es spots from DL-UR appeared. I didn't expect anything from such an Easterly cloud but at 10:53 YO5BWD appeared on 144300. It took a few few mins to crack the DL pile-up but got him in the log at 11:03.

Nothing else heard.

Better go and mop the water out of the transmitter room now...will switch off the EHT first though ;-))

Was that it......No!...there's more...

Phase 2 started at 13:00 here:

13:04 YZ7MON 59 59 KN04ax
13:05 T94NK 59 59 JN95
13:05 T94DU 59 59 JN95da
13:06 YU1MI 59 59 KN03qw
13:15 LZ5UV 59 59 KN12pr
13:15 LZ3NY 59 59 KN12qq
13:16 T91EDO 59 59 JN95du
13:18 LZ2FO 59 57 KN13kx
13:29 YZ1EW 59 59 JN94

Not bad, pity phase 3 didn't quite happen to 9A/HA as 4X was working them too.....maybe next time .

I did get some audios which I will post here if they sound ok.

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July 02, 2004

More tropo to EA8 and More Es too..

Should have blogged for 29th June as we had great tropo to EA8 which just seemed to reach the coast of Cornwall and not get any further although Avelino, EA8BPX was just about heard in GW and worked in IO90 I believe.

Here in Cornwall Avelino was 59+20dB for long periods and also worked were EA8TJ IL18ri, EB8BNS IL08xs (not much land in IL08!!), EB8AHT IL18sl, EA8BVU IL18sl. Very fine tropo 2600km, between the hours of 18:00 and 22:00 UTC when I closed down. During the evening I busiliy e-mailed other DX stations in that direction but no-one else was heard other than EA1 stations and CT1DYX IN51qd on a difficult path!. Maybe the Portuguese wern't sure about talking to G stations after that referee-assisted victory?

I should mention G0KZG/MM who came on from IN69xv for a new square and we had an enjoyable 3-way QSO between EA8BPX Avelino, Andy G0KZG/MM and myself. A new square for Avelino....2600km from Tenerife to a boat off the coast of Cornwall! ufb!.

Now about today...Es!

Very nice Es from here to 9H/IT9/I between 13:20 and 14:10, usual suspects the other end but always great to here Lucio I8MPO, Pierluigi I6WJB, Enrico I5WBE.

Best dx was the first QSO of the day:

13:19 9H1ET 55/57 JM75gu 2245km

Will update later if there is FAI from this cloud...

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