August 12, 2004

144200 the former centre of activity...

Well it was easy to fix the problem, just a short circuit in the tx feeder where the QRO had softened the coax dielectric on a tight bend..... So back on for a few Persieds...? Well I spent hours calling on 144200 and then calling "27 27 27" on sked but nil qso's in the log. Seems 99.99% of activity is on WSJT which is a pity, I hope some return to SSB soon....maybe it will be like pop music in the 1980's when everyone went mad about synthesisers but the phase passed and the real human feeling you only get from guitars/drums and vocals won out over digital. I liked synth too for a while, but not any more...........I guess that the danger is that, unlike music, when people get bored with digital radio they just qrt, I hope this doesn't happen.

Stop Press QSO complete at 23:30UTC with I8MPO! Hurrah and tnx Lucio!

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Here come the Persieds....

So what happens on the eve of a gauranteed radio bonanza....the system fails. Couldn't be worse timed, the evening of the shower, big rocks coming in, all of a sudden the VSWR goes way high and I can't hear anything. The problem is proven to be outside, likely up the tower and it's very windy with pouring rain.


Well I hope it was a good shower for you.


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August 01, 2004

Bit of allsorts today

Interesting day, not many qso's in the log however.

The day started with tropo into France very strong.

0810 I2FAK 529 539 JN45ob Tropo
0836 DJ2QV 529 529 JO31pf Tropo

Then big surprise ON made SV on Es, didn't think it would get this far and even if it did it would be drowned out by many 59+ stations CQ on tropo. Fortunately SV2JL moved to 144305, just out the worst of the QRM and the strong tropo linked the Es to me....

0952 SV2JL 59 59 KN10lo Tnx new DXCC/sq. 2427km Es ODX!

Later I2FAK got a little stronger but faded by the evening.

Later, Charlie EI5FK was portable in IO61 for a new rare square. D44TD was spotted working CN2DX but unfortunately a tropo test with Avelino EA8BPX showed no tropo in that direction from here.

Next time I hope......

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