October 16, 2004

Atlantic Beacons

Nothing to listen to here, EA1VHF is so close in frequency to GB3SSS (which is just a few km from here) that I can't hear it until it is very strong and certainly can't leave Spectran trying to find it.

Need some more beacons.

The Dubus sponsored beacons in EA8/5T/VP9 are making progress and will be on next year maybe, I certainly hope so.

I have established contact with D44TT (who has a dream site!!) and is keen to help the development of amateur radio:


D44TT is D4B contest station (photo by D44AC)

If all goes well then I will build/send him a beacon for D4, it's only 4050km from here.............. :-))

I guess that having a beacon isn't everything though. GB3SSS makes life difficult here and the last thing we need is beacons on the islands that are so strong that they make life awkward for the handful of operators on those islands!!

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October 03, 2004

A most unexpected opening.. G to CT3 on 144MHz

Dreadful weather, windy and very heavy rain, not what you normally expect when there is great tropo. There was a contest in EA/CT so I thought it may be possible to hear a couple of contest stations on the North Coast of Spain but I couldn't hear any in about 1/2 hour listening, the band was quiet apart from EA1VHF at 559. I only switched on the amp because it was a bit cold then I noticed EA8BPX joined the KST chat, I beamed that way and listened, suddenly there was Spanish voices on on 144330, it must be EA1 stations that loud? but actually was:

0949 EA8BPX 59001 59024 IL18sk 2600km Massive signal.

And soon after:

1010 EB8BTV 53002 59007 IL18 2600km
1118 EA8BPX 59+++

A few EA1/2 contest stations appeared at good strength.

There had been lots of spots for Alex,CT3/CT1DIZ but couldn't find him. I sent SMS to CT3HF who unfortunately could not be QRV but he telephoned Alex who came on to 144300. We QSY'd to 144220:

1132 CT3/CT1DIZ 53008 55022 IM12nt 2150km New #/DXCC ufb!!

The sea duct didn't extend far inland, I know Avelino EA8BPX also worked G0CUH who is just 20km further inland than me but signals were dramatically weaker even with just this extra distance. At the end of a duct the signals seem to suffer dramatic attenuation which feels worse than free space loss, why is this??

The Spanish contest ended at 1400 and signals had already faded here by then with just the EA1VHF beacon audible at 539.

Since getting QRV from here 128 days ago I have heard/worked EA8 on 12 days....thats nearly 10% of days and I surely missed some too, amazing!

Hope that EA8 beacon is QRV soon.

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