November 18, 2004

Tropo -strong elevated duct

I was just chatting with Mau IK2YXK, on WWconverse and thought Ishould try sending for a minute on 144185 MHz to listen for early meteors from the apparently approaching Leonids ms but 539 on tropo. No-one else was on, the map showing recent contacts at ON4KST was blank, but there he was.

16:28 IK2YXK 539 559 JN45op

Then 53/55 on ssb also.

The duct was very selective, only stations within a few km of Mau in Italy appeared all evening:
16:40 IK2GSO JN45np
18:21 IW2DAL JN45nn
18:56 IW2DAL 59+20dB FM
20:11 IW2NOR JN45on
20:18 I2FAK JN45on
20:26 IK2FIL JN45om
21:49 IW2BNA JN45on
21:56 IW2MXY JN45no

All at 1200km +/- not very much.

No other Italian stations were heard, just this duct to about 20km radius of Milan.

Tropo skeds with I5WBE (JN53) and I4XCC (JN63) showed only ms.

The duct did reach well into France though, nearby stations in Brittany to mid France were not evident on the band so I guess this was an elevated duct. Also the signal strengths did not change much as night fell and the land cooled.

Other highlights were:
16:46 HB9MEY 55 55 JN47bm
17:27 F5SDD JN23rf
19:09 EA1DAX IN53
19:10 EA1DKV IN53th
17:16 F6HZL 55 55 JN23qu

The beacon F5XAV JN24gb was heard for the first time and was good strength all evening, also F5XAL JN12ll was 529 all evening which is impressive given the Pyrenee's mountains in the path. I was also delighted to reach:

20:41 F6HTJ JN12kq 1030km, right behind the mountains with just a modest yagi and 40W.


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