December 10, 2004

Back to the 1980's

For the past 5 days we have enjoyed a tropo opening just like in the "good ole days". High pressure built and drifted very slowly East. First contacts from IO70 on the 6th Dec were:

1745 OE5MPL 55 JN78cj 1422km
1953 DL2OM JO30sn

On the 7th, a bunch of contacts in the same areas JN48,49,58,68,78 and at 1831 9A2AE JN86hf marginal, exchanged reports but no rrr.

The best day was the 8th when the duct had moved North. Not a great take-off from here with a positive take-off angle into hilss only 3km away but:

0944 SP2BDR JO83ua
1110 SP4MPB KO03ht 1810km
1116 SP2MKO JO93cb 1648km
1127 SP2OFW JO93ac
1541 SP2FAX JO83va

The band was full of S9 DL and PA stations, never heard it so busy. By the end of the evening activity tailed off as everyone QRV had spoken to everyone else.

I would have liked to try some FSK with the tropo assisting the first few 100km but sadly both PC's sound output have blown up since connecting to the rig for WSJT...hmm haven't figured why yet.

Nice tropo.

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