March 28, 2005

EME contact

Saturday, moonrise. I had noticed Sam RN6BN, he of the 32 long yagi's, on the chat and with a full moon he was going to be busy with digital EME. Sure enough, moon comes up lines on the chat map start streaming out of KN95 like a spring spider. I tuned to 144137 and heard the JT65 tune playing, wow! I called him on SSB we exchanged reports easily and he peaked at S8 on my meter, fantastic. Very exciting, heart racing, must do more EME. Only one contact in the log but an enjoyable evening.

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March 13, 2005

Activity at last

As most dx operators on 2m use it merely to exchange reports then return to chatting at ON4KST chat it was nice to hear Andy G0KZG/MM back on the band, he has no broadband on CEFAS Endeavor so will actually talk on the radio! great stuff.

Thanks for the new square IO50tt and waking up the band. Andy will be sailing back to Lowestoft over the next few days so expect to hear him on 144353.0 FSK or ssb in io50/60/71/70 etc then back up the channel.

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