May 20, 2005

Missed it..

For anyone checking in to see what I caught in the Es yesterday.....I missed it. Not as upset as if I had missed ZB who came on later...

There was a brief tropo opening to EA8 later and EB8AHT was worked 55 both ways (IL18sl) 2600km at 18:06.

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May 08, 2005

Very strong Aurora

The ON4KST map had been busy all day due to the contest, my xyl had commented that the map looked busy but I had dismissed it. After lunch she said " are you sure there is nothing on the radio you want to listen to?" I glanced at the map again...!!?$^%^""!!

3.72ms later I arrived in the shack, then band was full of Au signals, my QTF stayed at 080 throughout. Best DX was YU1EV at a nudge over 2000km and he was very strong, no-one else heard from KN field but plenty very close.

At 15:21 I contacted 9A1UN who gave me a T9 report, he wasn't quite T9 with me but definitely les distorted than most Au signals, I did check the QTF for optimum but it was still best at 080. This may have been FAI I guess, the tone and QTF would suggest so.

08/05/2005 15:02 9A4Q JN75DB 55a 55a 1560km
08/05/2005 15:03 S54O JN75NT 55a 54a 1581km
08/05/2005 15:06 HA6ZV/P JN97WH 55a 55a 1857km
08/05/2005 15:07 9A1UN JN65FB 57a 55a 1434km
08/05/2005 15:08 S57TW JN75EX 55a 55a 1521km
08/05/2005 15:10 S54T JN75EW 55a 55a 1523km
08/05/2005 15:11 S51ZO JN86DR 59a 59a 1624km
08/05/2005 15:12 S5C JN76JG 59a 59a 1537km
08/05/2005 15:13 OE5MPL JN78CJ 59a 55a 1418km
08/05/2005 15:21 9A1UN JN65FB 557 549 1434km
08/05/2005 15:28 IK2YXK JN45OP 42a 55a 1181km
08/05/2005 15:29 F8OP JN26MM 59a 57a 855km
08/05/2005 15:33 DL1RNW JO62GH 59a 59a 1257km
08/05/2005 15:34 F5JTA JN18OF 59a 55a 646km
08/05/2005 15:37 F9IE IN86WW 59a 59a 419km
08/05/2005 15:38 YU1EV KN4CN 55a 55a 2000km
08/05/2005 15:43 IQ2CJ JN45ON 52a 55a 1672km
08/05/2005 15:44 HA5CW JN97PM 55a 55a 1808km
08/05/2005 15:47 S57EA JN76HE 59a 59a 1529km
08/05/2005 15:48 IW2HAJ JN45NO 57a 57a 1178km
08/05/2005 15:51 HA6VV/P JN97WV 59a 59a 1837km
08/05/2005 15:53 9A2RD JN65TF 59a 59a 1505km
08/05/2005 15:54 F2CT IN93HG 59a 55a 814km
08/05/2005 15:57 F6GCT JN18OU 59a 55a 623km
08/05/2005 16:02 OM2VL JN87WV 59a 55a 1694km
08/05/2005 16:23 HA5OO JN97OM 55a 56a 1802km
08/05/2005 16:25 IK3GHR JN55QQ 52a 55a 1326km
08/05/2005 16:27 HA1FV JN87JJ 59a 59a 1634km
08/05/2005 16:34 OK2BIW JN99AV 52a 55a 1655km
08/05/2005 16:36 PAJMV JO21PM 59a 59a 753km
08/05/2005 16:37 DJ8MS JO63CT 52a 53a 1258km
08/05/2005 16:44 DF1CF JN57FP 59a 59a 1175km
08/05/2005 16:47 S57LM JN76HD 55a 55a 1531km
08/05/2005 16:49 I5WBE JN53JR 55a 55a 1402km
08/05/2005 16:51 IZ2DJP JN55FO 57a 59a 1268km
08/05/2005 16:58 IV3DXW JN65QQ 57a 59a 1465km
08/05/2005 17:05 DL9MCC JN58UA 59a 55a 1251km
08/05/2005 17:18 9A3JH JN75AD 52a 55a 1539km

Now let's just hope that I need to update this entry later as the huge Au triggered sporadic-E....or even just returns as Aurora later. Nice clear skies in Cornwall today, might even get a visual later.

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