June 11, 2005

Interesting day....

Having been disappointed by the Es so far this year I was expecting nothing better today, there was some Es earlier, far out UA6 - OK/OE way, and I did hear several Russian sounding pings including "four papa victor" with a Russian accent . I believe it may have been RZ6BU in KN84pv giving his locator....thats 3200km! Mode was probably a chordal Es cloud -meteor trail. Still one ping does not make a QSO (not even for digital modulation QSO's yet, I understand).

I had tried some ionoscatter earlier and had strong signals from 9A1UN and IV3GBO. Davor sent a great picture from outside his home in Croatia.

Flat sea like this must be worth 3dB sea-gain for iono/fai/aurora I guess?

After lunch I got a text from Damien F4AZF who is building a new house in JN39gg on top of a hill. He had a pretty simple portable station with him:

Looks like he broke down and is radioing for help?

Pretty good signal up to 55 from 850km away, just with until he has QRO and big antennas! There was tropo across the Channel helping signals today also.

The MUF was still very high and in between strong French FM broadcasts I heard Arabic, Italian and Portuguese voices up to 108MHz but it didn't make it to 144MHz other than fleetingly, and in any case not here.

There were a bunch of Spanish contest stations on very strong tropo across the Bay of Biscay, best was:

1510 EA1GAR 55/59 IN51nw

The MUF picked up and a huge sporadic event then started at 1716.

Before the list of contacts I must make a special mention for my XYL who had prepared a fantastic meal with baked Sea Bass with rosemary fresh peas and Cornish new potatoes, ready at 1716!! ....it was delivered on a plate hot to the shack where I enjoyed it between calls!

1716 SP8AWL KO11gg
1717 SP8UFT KO11ji
1718 SP5TEE KO01ok
1735 SP7OGP KO01om
1744 SQ8EFK KN09vq
1744 UT3BW KN29ua 2220km ODX
1749 SP6OUJ JO80ve
1749 SP6TTQ JO90bk
1750 SP5KVW KO02qv
1803 SP3NEN JO73qe
1804 SP2OFW JO93ac
1805 SQ3HMD JO72wu
1805 SP2IJ JO82uu
1806 DL/M0DSA FM Hannover. JO42 only 1080km! Highest MUF.
1816 DL8ZT JO62nc
1817 DH2UAK JO71fu
1817 DL4OL JO52bc
1818 DL1RNW JO62gh
1818 SP7OGP KO01om
1818 SP7OGS JO91rq
1819 DL6UNF JO71iw
1819 DL2RWM/p JO62qe
1820 SP7CNL JO91qq
1820 DL1RMO JO62hd
1821 SP6NIC JO81nc
1821 SQ9W/p JO90sk
1822 DG0DRF Lost sri...
10 stations in 5 minutes! Including 3 in one minute! Thanks for fb operating om's.

But the fun wasn't over, a strong Es at a more Northerly latitude and 1000km away should produce good FAI and it did...

1827 S51ZO 57f 57f JN86dr QTF 070
1830 9A2AE 57f 57f JN86hf QTF 070
1831 S54T 55f 56f JN75ew QTF 070
1837 I6WJB 42f 51f JN72ck QTF 080
1841 DK5RQ 53f 54f JN68bv QTF 070
1843 DF9NP??? 55f 55f JN57lc QTF 070 Sri messed up notes of callsign!! arrgh
1845 SP6GWB 55f 55f QTF 060/292
1850 DL3B?????? sri faded away..

So we had iono, tropo, Es and FAI all in a day, lovely.

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June 07, 2005

Sysop...please reboot the band...

Dear 2m/6m sysop,

The ionospheric operating system seems to have crashed two days ago, please can you reboot the OS for 2m and 6m and then run 6msporadicE.exe and 2msporadicE.exe programmes.

Many operators across Europe are waiting for you. Hope it's not a hardware problem.



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June 05, 2005

This is what FAI signals sound like...

3rd June.
Several stations have asked me what does FAI sound like....well thanks to Mau IK2YXK who sent me this recording you can listen now G4LOH-IK2YXK FAI there are a few low frequency buzzes from recording process....I managed to get rid of them with my graphic equaliser.

The signal is rough, quite auroral and there are several meteors heard also.

We were both beaming to JO20 at the time that;s about 085deg for me. with direct qtf no signals were heard other than some pings.

Quite a good opening, I heard I5WBE, 9A1UN, IK2DDR, 9A2RD and S54T.

Later there was brief Es from here to IM87 with EA7AJ and EA7BHO.

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