May 17, 2006

Ionoscatter and 1st Es 2006

I tried some ionoscatter today whilst waiting for the Es season to start. There was Es on 6m with the MUF 60-80MHz.

I didn't actually complete any QSO's but was heard well at OE3FVU JN78ve and Klaus DH2UAK sent this fine recording from JO71fu received with 4x13ele antenna.

G4LOH hrd at DH2UAK Ionoscatter

Hope to try more skeds this summer with QRO stations 1400-2000km from here.

An excellent set of papers about ionoscatter on 144MHz can be found here OZ1RH Ionoscatter Pages

The MUF continued to climb and at 15:25 I made the first Es QSO's for the year:
1525 144300 IT9ASX 59 59 JM67jq 1986km
1529 144300 IW0ULG 59 59 JM49nh 1645km

I heard 9H1XT (jm75gv 2240km) at 1535 but was unable to complete a contact. No sign of the IG9 DXpedition team although they were apparently QRV on 144300 at the time.

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May 01, 2006

Back again..

back again for another Summer of propagation on 2m. Apart from a brief appearance on the January Tropo when the highlights were SK6DZ 1466km SM6XMY 1400km and SQ1GU JO74se 1485km, I haven't been on the radio since ages ago.

I was encouraged and not a little surprised that everything still seems to work and the first contact was F4AZF 30/4/2006 at 850km from his new QTH in JN39gg.

Hoping for a great DX season tropo and Es


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